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The Importance of Having Your Physicals Before the Start of School

The school year is almost here! Between buying new school supplies, outfits, and all the other to-do items, one may slip your mind, and that is scheduling your child’s yearly physical. Seeing the pediatrician for your child’s back-to-school visit is crucial to complete before your child returns for the fall.

Here are the reasons why having your physical before school starts is important.

Track Development

During the physical, your healthcare providers can track your child’s development progress and ensure they have no apparent problems. Catching any health issues before the school year starts can help you and your child find the best resources and plan for intervening.

Screening for Potential Health Problems

Along with development, your doctor can screen for any potential health problems that could arise for your children. These screenings could include the following:

  • Vision
  • Blood tests
  • Blood pressure
  • Spine
  • Dental
  • Depression

No matter the age of your children, health problems can arise at any time, and having an annual check-up can help you catch these before they become a problem that causes your children to miss school.

Map Out Future Exams

During the screening, if your doctor discovers potential health concerns that require future exams or screenings, you can carefully plan for the school year to schedule these so as not to interfere with your child’s school and extracurricular activities.

Address Mental Health Concerns

The transition from summer to the school year can be challenging, particularly for high school students preparing for exams and college applications. At any age, discussing mental health concerns with your doctor can help your children be open and honest about their mental health challenges throughout the year. Your doctor can provide them with resources and tips on maintaining their academic performance through healthy habits. Healthy habits that can positively impact your student’s mental health and performance across the school year include:

  • Good nutrition
  • Regular exercise
  • Consistent sleep
  • Open communication
  • Healthy social relationships

Schedule Vaccinations

When your child returns to school, they’ll come in contact with new teachers, new students, and students who may have traveled over the summer. Ensuring your student is up-to-date with immunizations is the best way to prevent them from contracting and spreading diseases. Sometimes, your school may require a record of these immunizations before the year, so a physical is the best time to gather this information and meet school guidelines.

Prepare for Sports

Returning to school also means the return of sports for many students. During your annual physical, your doctor can provide resources on how to care for your body as an athlete, ensuring your children stay strong and healthy and prevent injuries during the season.

Renew Safety Protocols

Doctors can also discuss safety measures in the fall to look out for beyond sports, including car and bus safety, germ and disease prevention, and stress and time management.

Identify Vision and Hearing Problems

Attuned senses are important for your child’s development and performance in school. Regularly checking any changes in your child’s vision and hearing prior to the school year can ensure they are prepared or schedule follow-up appointments to address these.

Get Your Physical Today

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