• Amazing Bedside Manners
    I was in Dallas for business and sick as a dog. I found this place on Google maps and it was the closest to my hotel. What a great find. The front desk girl was very helpful and courteous. Dr. McInnerney has amazing bedside manners and professionalism. Definitely recommend

    - Carla C.

  • The Service is Fast
    The staff and doctor are always very nice and pleasant to interact with. The service is fast, and the times you get when you sign in online are surprisingly accurate. The facility is clean, bright, and in a convenient location. I actually prefer this urgent care over the ones near me in Trophy Club. Pricing is comparable to all the other urgent cares around, and they seem to have more capabilities than most of the urgent cares I’ve tried in the area.

    - Robert G.

  • Really Knowledgeable
    I came in right before closing and couldn’t believe how polite and friendly they were. I was seen by Keith and he did a thorough exam and diagnosed me right away. He gave me clear instructions and was really knowledgeable. I couldn’t have had a better experience. I highly recommend them.

    - Eric F.

  • Impeccable Facilities
    This is how urgent care should be. Courteous staff, impeccable facilities, and as their name says - Fast. I almost do not want to post a review for them as more people will learn how good they are, but people who are sick and injured should know where to find premium care. Thank you staff at Better Faster for taking care of me and my family!!!

    - Michael S.

  • Amazing!

    LOVE LOVE LOVE this place & Dr. Keith. We have seen him multiple times & he is amazing! This is the only urgent care we go too & would recommend it to everyone. The rest of the staff is awesome too!

    - Nicole G.

  • Knowledgeable & Professional
    The team was very knowledgeable and professional. The medic that my son saw was very helpful and ensured my son and I understood the medication and timeline of when he should be feeling better. It’s not often when places are busy that the staff takes so much time. Thanks to Kristina and the rest of the Staff.

    - John J.

  • I Felt Comfortable
    Front Office was neat and clean. The staff was friendly and helpful. The nurse and PA were both personable and I felt comfortable, even though I personally felt icky. They explained everything they were doing, shared local resources with me, knowing I was new to the area. I will definitely use them again, should the need arises.

    - Laura K.

  • I Was Impressed
    The facility was very clean and the staff was kind, attentive, and friendly. I was also impressed with how quickly I was seen and the thoroughness of the doctor. The doctor was honest, caring, and informative. I also felt the price was very fair and affordable. I have worked in the medical industry for over 20 years and it is hard to impress me but this place managed to do just that.

    - Mary R.

  • Treated Me Very Well
    Great service for a drop-in patient. Several patients were in the waiting area but were quickly taken back for treatment. By the time I completed a few very simple forms for a new patient, they were ready for me. The review, X-ray, and follow up were all completed very quickly and I was treated and on my way in less than 30-45 minutes. The staff was friendly, efficient, knowledgeable, and treated me very well. I will use them the next time!!

    - William J.

  • Very Positive Experience
    So, I'm on a business trip from San Antonio. Wake up one morning in real pain on my big toe. Thought I had stubbed it. 2 days later it was not getting better. I got done early at work in Southlake on Friday before I had to be at the Airport. Since the pain was not getting better thought it would be wise to use my window of opportunity to get my foot looked at. I called to see if they could take me before I had to be at the Airport. The answer was yes. I went over and was seen immediately. Had a Diagnosis with prescription within 40 minutes. Actually was able to pick the prescription up on the way to the Airport and start taking right away. It took about 1.25 hours from Visit at the Urgent Care Center to get my prescription filled at the Pharmacy. By the time I boarded my plane I was able to walk again pain-free. I want to thank Dr. Dennington, Keith McInnerney, PA-C, Kristina Jones, and the Front Desk for a very positive experience.

    - M. Murphy

  • Dr. Keith Was Knowledgeable
    I had severe back pain to the point I couldn’t walk or sit or stand, and it was getting worse so I went to the ER and the waited for over an hour because they were so busy, and finally my husband said we should go somewhere else because my pain was excruciating. He called Better Faster Urgent Care and they said to come on in and they took me in within 5 minutes. Dr. Keith was knowledgeable, understood my pain, and tried to get X-rays and checkups done in the same room so I didn’t have to keep moving as it was so painful. He then called a few hours after I got home. It the little things that stand out for me to be a return client, and I would recommend them to my family and friends.

    - Jessy K.

  • Made the Experience Pleasant
    I was traveling to Dallas for a work conference when on the second day I woke up with a sore throat and feeling very sick. I felt like I had a fever and wanted to get checked out before being surrounded by 1,000’s of people at the conference. I found this place from a google search and when I called in I was greeted with helpful staff, who informed me that there wasn’t a long wait. When I arrived the front desk staff welcomed me and the lady working the counter remembered my call. They helped me get in right away. The staff was very thorough and able to diagnose me within minutes. They were very helpful and somehow made the experience pleasant even though I felt so sick. They helped me then find a Walgreens on my way back to my hotel to grab my medicine as quickly and conveniently as possible as I did not have a car but was using Uber. I’d highly recommend this facility if you need excellent bedside service and friendly staff.

    - Stefanie M.

  • Never Had to Wait Long
    Great and quick. Nurses and Doctors have wonderful, WONDERFUL bedside manners for my kids (and myself). Been multiple times now for flu tests, strep, and just general cold issues. Never had to wait longer than 5 min (thank you online check in). Clean location as well! If you need urgent care, especially for kiddos- this is a great place!

    - Meredith M.

  • Put My Mind at Ease
    I was somewhat reluctant to go to an urgent care facility, because of past experiences. However, I was pleasantly surprised. The staff was friendly and professional, and the whole visit was only an hour, including filling out paperwork. The visit put my mind at ease, in view of an upcoming vacation. The receptionist and medical personnel were very personable and knowledgeable. I was impressed by the questions they asked and the responses to my answers.

    - Greg J.

  • Top Notch
    Went in for an animal bite. Very good experience. Although it is a walk-in clinic I highly recommend this practice. First of all, they have an online queue to save your place in line. In addition, they post your estimated wait times. The waiting room is clean and inviting and the staff is friendly. The care I received was top notch and all in all, I was in and out in about an hour.

    - Eric M.

  • In & Out in Record Time
    I definitely feel like this is the best urgent care in the Southlake/Grapevine area. Super friendly, helpful & efficient staff. I am always in and out in record time without feeling rushed by the care provider. I do not feel slighted at all by the quality of care here-very personal. The location is so convenient and rarely do I have a wait. I cannot recommend them enough!

    - M. G.

  • When I Arrived, I Was Impressed
    I was greeted by a polite and professional staff who answered questions and were eager to help. The appointment was made through the internet and when I arrived I was impressed with how quickly I was able to see medical staff. The staff took the time to listen to my questions and showed concern for me as a patient. I now have a new place to go when seeking medical attention.

    - Bob C.

  • I Love this Office!
    I love this office! I had a wonderful experience but wanted to actually say how great Ebone in the billing department is. I am new to the whole medicare situation. She has been very helpful in getting issues with billing resolved not just with this office but she helped me resolve some issues I had with two other specialists. She is very patient and informative. My daughter also does billing so I know how challenging we can be as patient and how much heck they can get! I would definitely return and highly recommend this office, everyone!

    - Robert C.

  • Easy Check-In & Check-Out

    The staff was very professional. My visit was very fast with easy check-in and check-out. I will definitely come back. It is very hard to find good customer service and people who truly care about their patients. I found that special touch here. Thank you very much for helping me with allergic reactions.

    - Miranda P.

  • Faster & Easier

    Been to Better Faster Urgent Care many times. They are always quick to admit me to a room. I use them for illnesses and injuries because they are faster and easier to get into as compared to my Primary Physician. They also have their own x-ray a machine so no going to two places for a diagnosis. Highly recommend.

    - Dave C.

  • Amazing Experience!
    What an amazing experience. It has been quite some time since I’ve been able to say that about a customer service interaction. I arrived, was greeted, and then efficiently taken back for vitals. The primary person came in and took the time to explain his thoughts on my condition, the need for X-rays, and possible outcomes. Once my care was completed he reviewed everything again and asked me if I had any questions or was there anything else I needed. What an excellent encounter!

    - Pauline B.

  • I Received Excellent Care
    I am a doctoral student at The King's University in Southlake. I live in Florida and make several trips each year to the campus. Last spring I came down with the flu the day before I returned home. I was able to get right in and I received excellent care. There's no doubt that if I need a doctor when I'm away from my doctor I will go to Better Faster Urgent Care!

    - Gary E.

  • I Was Pleasantly Surprised
    I was pleasantly surprised with this clinic, and would go there again. Each person I encountered was very professional, the facility was immaculately clean. A few days later a nurse called to discuss my severe allergies, explained that they provide testing and immunotherapy. It's good to know you guys are there and have weekend hours. Our family will utilize your services in the future. Thank you!

    - Kristy W.

  • I Got Seen Quickly

    I got seen quickly, and everyone on the staff was so nice! I didn’t know I had a fever before I went in, either. Before I left, a nurse brought me a single dose of Tylenol in a little cup to take to start bringing it down. — I thought that was very caring.

    - Natalie J.

  • Clean & Modern
    This was the best urgent care experience I’ve ever had. The facility was clean and modern, more like a doctor’s office than typical urgent care. I usually dread going to places like this because I feel like I’m going to catch something, but this didn’t cross my mind here at all. I was in and out of the facility in under 45 mins, including new patient paperwork, evaluation, and X-rays. The staff was all quite nice, and I felt like the doctor really listened to me and did a great job explaining everything. I’ll definitely be back!

    - Nikki M.

  • Caring & Compassionate
    Our family has visited Better Faster Urgent Care multiple times and the staff is always very friendly. Each PA or NP we see is kind, caring, and compassionate. They have always taken the time to listen to us and explain the treatment. We will always use Better Faster Urgent Care and refer our friends to them!

    - Linda K.

  • Nice & Professional
    I am here in Dallas for a business trip and not feeling well I called my health plan for a list of urgent care facilities in their network. Better Faster Urgent Care is on the list. It is close to where I was located at the time. The staff was very nice and professional.  The facilities look new and very clean.  I was told they have been there for 3 yrs. My wait time was minimal. The shortest wait time I have ever experienced. The PA was excellent! He was very attentive & thorough. They even called me the next morning to give me confirmation results from the radiologist of chest X-rays, which were normal. Who does that??? Nowadays they usually only call you if it's abnormal. So I am very impressed. I highly recommend Better Faster urgent care! By the way, I am a healthcare professional from California, and compared to urgent care back home, this place tops them all. Thank you to everyone working at Better Faster Urgent Care, and a shout out to Keith, the PA overseeing my care. You guys rock!!!

    - Maui Q.

  • Extremely Hospitable
    Staff made an awful situation so much better. They all were kind and extremely hospitable and went out of their way to let me know I was going to be okay and to help my pain in the meantime.

    - Mike H.

  • Never a Wait
    We have been into Better Faster quite a few times since they opened and every single time has been fantastic.  Never a wait, extremely thorough and careful, and exceptionally clean.  No matter the situation (allergy, high fever, x-ray, staples), we have had the best care at Better Faster and would recommend this clinic to anyone!

    - Eliz H.

  • Excellent Staff

    Excellent staff and very knowledgeable! I was traveling for business and had a severe allergic reaction to something and searched Yelp and found them. I got in right away on a Saturday at 10:30 and was out of there in an hour. I cannot say enough great things about this place!

    - Heather E.

  • I Couldn't Be Happier
    I was visiting Texas from out of state and ended up with an ear infection. My sister recommended Better Faster Urgent Care, and I couldn't be happier with the treatment I received. The facility was very clean, the front desk staff was quick and efficient. I received top-notch medical care, and my whole encounter was less than an hour. Excellent urgent care!

    - Tracy B.

  • Very Friendly
    No one wants to need an urgent care facility but this one was very nice.  I arrived 30 min before closing on a Sunday with a lacerated hand. Sharon, the nurse practitioner, was very friendly, answered all my questions, and was very capable of treating me with stitches. I would recommend this location and visit again, but hopefully won't have the need.

    - Meredith C.

  • Fabulous Place!
    Fabulous place! Went on Sat, no wait took me back so fast that my husband got to fill forms out in the exam room. I saw the PA Lauren and she was SO friendly and helpful. The entire staff was. I will definitely go back and have already referred my friends there if ever needed!

    - Jill D.

  • Fantastic Urgent Care Facility

    Fantastic urgent care facility.  I've been to several different ones over the years and they all typically have the same issues: very long wait times and poorly trained staff.  This place is totally different.  They seem to really care about their patients and they go above and beyond to make sure you are treated promptly and thoroughly.

    - Clark C.

  • The Staff at Better Faster Was Great
    I got there 30 minutes before they closed this evening (8 pm Saturday). After a fall a few days ago I realized a cut on my arm was not healing properly and was infected. Also, my foot was still swollen several days after the fall. The staff at Better Faster was great. They did not rush me through my exam. The Nurse Practitioner instilled me with plenty of confidence that she had all the proper skills to treat me. The x-ray of my foot showed no broken or fractured bones but needed an ace-bandage, elevation, and ice. The cut on my arm was obviously infected. I was given a tetanus shot and prescriptions for the appropriate antibiotic.

    - Inga B.

  • My 1st Choice
    Twice in 3 days! 8 year old son's rash quickly diagnosed as allergic reaction to antibiotics last week. Today my clumsy DIY project resulting in 7 stitches to my finger - in and out in about 45 mins. Both visits with no wait, super friendly & professional staff. Definitely become my 1st choice for urgent family medical needs.

    - David F.