Do You Have an Abscess?

Image of an abscess in the skinAn abscess can be a difficult and at times, very dangerous problem that occurs in the human body. In essence, it is pus that has collected in a single area of the body and it can trigger the immune system, which will result in inflammation and swelling in the area. It is typically associated with an infection and as your body continues to fight against the infection, the pus is collected in the area. It is something that needs to be treated and the professionals at Better Faster Urgent Care can care for the problem for you.

Although an abscess can occur in any part of the body, it is more likely to occur in certain areas. For example, the skin is a common area where an abscess can occur and it can also occur under the skin, resulting in a visible sign that something has gone wrong in the area. In addition, the teeth can be affected by this type of problem and abscesses commonly result in dental pain that at times, can be quite severe.

One of the more common reasons why an abscess can occur is because of a bacterial infection. When bacteria gets into the area, our system begins to fight against it and the buildup of pus may take place. Parasites may also result in an abscess as well, which is why it is necessary for your doctor to diagnose the problem so that it can be treated in a proper way. There are also many other foreign objects that can enter the body and result in a buildup of puss as well.

How Dangerous Are Abscesses?

Some types of issues that involve an abscess, such as what may occur on the skin, may not pose an immediate threat to your health. They are something that needs to be cared for, however, and there may be times when the issue can quickly escalate if it is not cared for properly. There are also many other types of problems that can occur in other areas of the body that can be severe and even life-threatening. These include abscesses that occur in the brain, liver or even in the spinal cord.

Can Better Faster Urgent Care Center Treat an Abscess?

In order to get the care that you need in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, you can trust the medical professionals at Better Faster Urgent Care to provide you with what you need. In the Southlake area, you can stop by the office and you will be cared for quickly and professionally. If you are suffering from this type of difficulty, getting the fast care that is needed to treat the problem becomes a priority. You will find that you are saving money over what you would spend if you went to the emergency room for this issue.